Biodynamically grown produce is vital, alive and nutritious

Biodynamics supports the soil, plants, animals, people and the planet

Biodynamic sprays enhance soil and plant health

Biodynamics is a holistic, ecological and ethical approach to farming and food

Compost is enlivened with biodynamic preparations

Biodynamic soil is fertile, healthy and alive

Biodynamics is a spiritual, and regenerative approach to food and farming

BDAASA strives to strengthen, promote and advance the practice of biodynamic agriculture in Southern Africa

The Biodynamic Agricultural Association of Southern Africa promotes and supports farming and gardening using Biodynamic principles and practices to produce healthy food in harmony with nature

The biodynamic approach to agroecological and organic agriculture is to build a farm organism in which all the elements of the farm, including the people who live there, are interconnected and work together.  The farm organism becomes a unique, and resilient farm individuality. A living organism.

What sets BD farming apart from organic and sustainable farming is the understanding that there is a working relationship between the earth and the cosmos.

To achieve vitality and health in soil, plants and animals, it is important to bring nature back into connection with the creative, and shaping forces of the Cosmos.