Organic Inputs

Organic inputs are required to qualify for organic status and as a stepping stone towards being a Demeter farm.

We aim to list an increasing number of suppliers of organic inputs in order to support your organic and biodynamic farm. If you are aware of any information that should be included, please contact us.

Oats - Organic Ingredients South Africa (OISA)
021 9051709 -

These oats can be used directly for horse feed, can be milled for cow feed and can be used for sprouting for chickens, cows etc. Can also be used as seed for cultivation.

Seeds - SEEDS: A biodynamic farm should remain in the realm of the natural and untreated organically produced seeds are the starting point.  Sandveld have a large range of certified organic seeds that they produce on their farm or that are  imported. (contact Susi at
They also now have a selection of Demeter seeds. Demeter seeds production, apart from being grown under controlled organic conditions, are produced and harvested in harmony with cosmic forces as well as earthly forces.  As a result the quality of any Demeter seed is far superior. Try them - you will see the difference!

Seedlings - Brent at Waterkloof farm in Wellington: