Demeter Certification

BDAASA regards Demeter certification as the benchmark for biodynamic practice in Southern Africa and we encourage all farmers and horticultural practitioners interested in biodynamic agriculture to work towards obtaining Demeter certification. Demeter is the certification for biodynamic farming and food. Assessment is according to internationally agreed Biodynamic Federation Demeter International Standards.

Steps to Demeter Certification:

1.- You must first have Organic certification.

2.- Contact Demeter for certification – visit:
     or contact


Demeter is the trademark for product from certified biodynamic farming. The high cost of organic and biodynamic certification has made it difficult for our farms to be certified. Training and support for biodynamic farmers is lacking and many find it almost impossible to reach organic and/or Biodynamic Federation Demeter International Standards.

To try to address these issues, The Biodynamic Association has joined a pilot project for a local PGS system under the auspices of the Biodynamic Federation Demeter International.

PGS stands for Participatory Guarantee System and is an alternative to Third Party Certification but can also be a path to Third Party Certification. PGS is a system where groups of farms work together, support each other, learn together, take responsibility for adhering to the standards, and then 'certify' each other. Demeter PGS is geared towards small scale local farming and excludes complex processing and export.

The Demeter PGS will be headed by BDAASA who will provide training and workshops in PGS and Biodynamics. A sincere commitment to attending the farm visits, workshops and training and the sharing of knowledge is the only, albeit essential requirement from participating farmers. We aim to keep the monetary cost to a minimum if not zero.

If you are interested to learn more about the system or are ready to join, please contact Wendy at