The BDAASA is a non-profit, voluntary association of individuals who are practicing and supporting the practice of, or simply, are interested in learning more about biodynamic farming.

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Our Mission

In order to do this the association formulated this set of objectives at a strategic planning workshop in 2005:

•   To establish an effective resource centre that can support the
    development of biodynamic farmers, farms and farming practice

•   To co-ordinate efforts of and cultivate co-operation amongst
    biodynamic farmers and the community

•   To encourage opportunities for meeting, sharing, learning and
    training, both locally and internationally

•   To represent and protect the interests of biodynamic agriculture
    and farmers

•   To enable members and others to connect to and serve the
    spiritual impulse behind Biodynamic Agriculture

The BDAASA board is made up of 5 members:
Wendy Lilje (Chair), Helen Van Zyl , Rob Small,Sabine Krummerei, and Karen Mack (Treasurer) with office administrator Beatrix Van der Westhuizen. Beatrix is a paid employee. Board members are voluntary. BDAASA activities are funded from membership fees , book sales, and donations.

An initiative of BDAASA is the Biodynamic Apprenticeship Training Programme which is headed by Helen van Zyl with administrator Sue-ann Wilson and fund raiser Mada Morkel. The Training accounts are processed within the BDAASA accounting system, but once established and self sustainable, will seperate off into a stand-alone entity.